A drop in the bucket.

I don’t have a bucket list, but if I did, writing a novel would rank high among the items on it. Now I’m about to check off that item. The Cutting Room, my first novel, is still weeks away from publishing, but I know now that it’s going to happen. The manuscript is complete. The lawyer’s vetted it. The cover image is selected. It’s all in the designer’s capable hands and should be available on Amazon before the summer reading season kicks in.

This is a self-publishing venture, of course. I doubt any self-respecting publisher would be interested in the book, and I have no interest in waiting nine months to find out and another year to see it hit the market. I’m just going to float this puppy and see what happens. I’m prepared to work the old social media to make it happen. Hell, I’ve even signed onto (gulp) Facebook. I figured now that Facecracker—as my sister-in-law calls it—is losing its cachet, it’s time I climbed aboard.

I have no illusions of reaching best-seller status. But it would be nice to hear that people like the story and want to read more, because work has begun on my second novel. This one won’t take three years to write. Fingers crossed.